Buy From A Certified Florist


Providing a Standard of Excellence for Florists

Many state floral associations have created a program to set a high standard of professional expertise in the floral industry. With rigorous requirements, certified florists receive the necessary training to attain a high level of service to their customers.

Providing Our Customers Quality Service

Most certification programs require certified florists to maintain high quality in their services. On-going education is also a requirement, so flower buyers are assured that a certified florist is practicing the best current business and design practices in the industry.

Providing Florists Quality Training For Employees

Certified florist programs provide an excellent education to flower shop employees to ensure a standard of excellence.

A Certified Florist Means QualityFind a Certified Florist

For your convenice, we will provided links to directories of certified florists by the state floral associations adminstering the programs.

Find a Certified Florist Program

Can't find a program in your state? You will be able to soon! Many of these programs are offered nationally to qualifying florists!